Welcome here! I am located in the endearing little town of Austin, Manitoba, along with my amazing husband and the two incredible daughters God has given to us. I am a pastor's wife and mom which keeps me quite busy all by itself, but I can also often be found behind a camera in search of beautiful moments or at my computer editing said captures (it doesn't sound as glamorous, but I love it too!). 

My interest in photography was born out of a love for art, beauty and creative expression. You can read a little more about my photography journey here. A deep love of God and who He created me to be stirs in me a passion to express through this medium. There is something in me that comes alive when there is a camera in my hand. The beauties I find in the details of life that I attempt to capture lead me to raise my hands back up to God, in awe of who He is and what He has made. 

I want to encourage others to cherish the precious memories we are making with those we love - to somehow hold the fleeting moments in our hands, to pause and savor the ordinary miracles that are in front of us every day, and to illuminate the fingerprints of God in our lives. My hope is to inspire you to delight in the riches of life and relationships - the love in your fiancée's face as she reaches for your hand, the tears welling in your dad's eyes on your wedding day, the look of tenderness from your husband when he wraps his arms around you and you snuggle into his chest, the coos of a precious new miracle fresh from the hand of God, the giggles of your toddler as you chase him through the grass, the sparkle in your daughter's eyes when you smile at her in pride… so much to treasure!

Thanks so much for stopping by my website and getting to know me better! If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to ask away!

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